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10/28/09 The Marquee
Tulsa, OK
CANCELED The show with Grendel and Modulate has been canceled. Contact Remission Entertainment for ticket refunds!

They call me Gato, I have metal joints, Beat me up and earn 15 Silver Points!

GRENDEL US Tour 2009 Postponed

Dear US fans,

Unfortunately, due to an issue with US Immigration, we are forced to come to this conclusion. Because of previous experiences, we wanted to make sure we did everything by the book.

Basically everything was in place to get a working visa. Recently, however, Grendel's keyboardist left the band permanently, due to important family reasons, and would not be able to join for the US tour. In order to get a P-1 visa to tour, the US requires at least 2 EU citizens in the band, and both be active members for at minimum of a year. This must also be proven by press clippings, stating name and function of the band member in question. So that left us with only one non-US citizen applying for the visa. According to the US Immigration office, this was unacceptable. Furthermore, because of the time constraints, there was no keyboardist who has been in the band for a year to take this place.

Every avenue was taken to get around this, but at the end, there was only one way. As you can imagine, we are very disappointed in this news. We feel it would not be a wise decision to come to the United States without the proper visas. We also assure you that as soon as we find a way to do this, we will rebook as soon as possible.

Needless to say, we are utterly gutted and heartbroken by this incident. Especially after almost a year of preparations and planning, not to mention looking forwarding to it all. We sincerely hope to be able to return soon and see all you guys out there.

We thank you for your understanding in this difficult situation.

Grendel + Bractune/Pluswelt Booking

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