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MS-Word 2002, cRap Edition

Public Betas
Click on the link above for downloads currently available for public beta testing, or try the links below if you're feeling less than adventurous.

Brownian Motion Screen Saver v1.0 (for Windows)
Some old code I cleaned up and retested up to Windows XP for release, as someone may find it interesting. It works. And it works as a screen saver should: tiny amount of CPU usage, moves around on the screen, and multiple monitor compatible. It is a simulation of "Brownian Motion", the spontaneous movement of particles in a fluid system. If you want to know more about this subject, may I suggest that you look it up on the internet or even *gasp* a library.

Boz v.3 (for DOS)
Boz is a savegame editor for an archaic game called Omikron: The Nomad Soul. This Program is in no way sponsored or endorsed by QuanticDreams or EIDOS Interactive, but with it, you should be able to change: player's name, character's name, occupation, description, interests, age, eyes, blood type, sex, height, weight, energy, mana, attack, fight experience, body, speed, dodge, seteks, magic rings, all 18 items in sneak, the first 50 items in inventory, and the 3D shape of your character.

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