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Albums released prior to 2001 are out of print and unavailable, so consider yourself lucky (or unlucky as the case may be) if you happen to have one. This is mainly attributable to The Great and Unfortunate Destruction of 2001 when, on a hot mid-summer's day, it appears that oblyvaeon single handedly destroyed everything within a 3 mile radius of the studio, including the material and masters for those albums, although a few single tracks and random demo tapes were found in the aftermath, tucked away inside a vault far from ground zero. Just what caused this catastrophic event, we cannot say. Reports followed of strange and unexplainable physical and psychic anomalies manifesting in the area, and from time to time, fragments of the work still appear in a space where nothing existed before. Spooky. Experts say that it must have been accidental; that no one could cause such utter devastation without access to military grade weapons; and even if oblyvaeon was the only one left standing at the epicenter, control over the catalyst which spawned this horrible tragedy would be impossible.

A few months prior, oblyvaeon had all but disappeared from the face of the earth, and when you did catch a glimpse of him, he seemed to be in an exited stupor, saying that he was working on the most important thing he would ever do; past, present or future. He wouldn't have time to waste, as he was gathering funds for the realization of this dream. It's probably safe to say that he failed, just don't say it around oblyvaeon. Whenever you ask him about it, he gets this sullen suicidal look in his eyes and starts to mutilate himself, setting himself on fire, flailing about like a madman, and smashing through walls of solid concrete, though never suffering any visible damage. Really spooky. But we may never know for certain. He's not talking... and we're no longer asking :)

oblyvaeon's rage

*UPDATE* Spring 2003 *UPDATE*
A few items lost in The Great and Unfortunate Destruction of 2001 have been found in the form of 3 archaic cassette tapes! They are in pretty bad shape, but might be salvageable.

*UPDATE* Summer 2003 *UPDATE*
The tapes found earlier this year were indeed serviceable! The compositions have been reconstructed, and are currently making their way into oblyvaeon's live performances. We are sorry, but for the moment there are no plans to make any physical reproductions (i.e. CD's) of this work available.

*UPDATE* Winter 2004 *UPDATE*
A few tracks have once again popped up, and will be incorporated into the next few shows lined-up for this spring and summer! Be sure to attend for a retrospective presentation of a bygone era in electronic music, as the frontier faded to make way for the new millennium.

*UPDATE* Autumn 2005 *UPDATE*
We have recovered even more of the material lost in The Great and Unfortunate Destruction of 2001! This looks like a very nice cache, and instead of going the strictly live route, we're giving it a go in the studio. It may begin appearing on some upcoming singles or possibly released as a compilation of past works.

*UPDATE* Autumn 2006 *UPDATE*
There is a 10-year retrospective in the works which will contain a good deal of material recovered since The Great and Unfortunate Destruction of 2001. A few of the tracks are going to be released in their raw forms while others, having been a part of live performances in the past, are cleaned up quite a bit. It is scheduled for release by the end of this year.

The retrospective has been released as a 2-disc album, so as much of the old material as I am going to release has been released. Enjoy. (or cringe :)



1. (intro) 508R137Y
2. MURDer
3. Abduct (demo)
4. Forgotten, Forsaken, the Unforgiven (into oblyvaeon)
5. Bomb Scare (Skit's Mix)
6. You Didn't Think I Would?
7. Are You Happy To Be With Us?
8. The Gnashing of Teeth
9. Auntie Dote (demo)

Forget Me Not

Disc 1
1. (intro) Forget Me Not - Disc 1
3. Current
4. Auntie Dote
5. Grishnakh (Prime Material Nightmare mix)
6. Transient Void
7. Separation Anxiety
8. Abduct
9. Firstborn

Disc 2
1. (intro) Forget Me Not - Disc 2
2. Level 2
3. Marbles In My Head (Nails In My Head mix)
4. No Carrier
5. Silicon Messiah (Crackwash Rendezvous extended mix)
6. (outro)


1. Babylon+on+on -0^3i
2. Cerberus 4:47
3. Into the 5th Dimension
4. M-Day
5. Polkadotted
6. Separation Anxiety (Love-Hate mix)
7. The Digital Buzz
8. Z°

Mode 7

Disc 1
1. Access Denied Mode 7 - Disc 1
2. Pteri
3. Ground (Zero) 5:14
4. Trees
6. K° Decay (One in a billion)
7. Asymptotic Freedom
8. Mind Machine
9. Dreamland
10. HAL-9000
11. Coils of the Dragon
12. Zebulah's Refuge

Disc 2 (Limited Edition)
1. The 9th Tear 4:43 Mode 7 - Disc 2
2. Event Horizon
3. Black Hole Toobe
4. 1194
5. Creator
6. If You Believe
7. Solar
8. Weightless
9. #12 nosseL 5:28
10. Deathcry 9:57
11. Creator (Ascension mix)
12. 1194 (Insanely Short mix)

Ashamed to be Human

1. Origin 8:29 Ashamed to be Human
2. Heartsick 4:16
3. The Door 5:17
4. Isomorphic Machines 8:08
5. All i Want 6:12
6. Doomtrain 6:08
7. Apocalypse Now 3:43
8. Bot God 6:53
9. Heartsick (Schizophrenic) 5:54
10. All i Want (Tears of the Fallen Enoch) 7:09
11. MCMLXXXVI (Holier Than Thou) 6:44
12. The Digital Buzz (v2.0) 6:12
13. Stuck 4:41

Every Man For Himself

1. No Muse 4:48 Every Man For Himself
2. Musick is the Weapon of the Future 6:03
3. Silicon Messiah (Time to choose) (v2.1) 4:13
4. Song of Sophia (Be careful what you wish for) 5:44
5. My Brother's Keeper (A requiem) 3:18
6. Snake in the Grass 5:06
7. Zebulah's Refuge (Silly wabbit Slayer's for kids, Dance naked in the streets, and Ring the doorbell Old-Skool Lo-Tek Nonsensical Backwards Conceptual mix) 5:49
8. Get On the Dance Floor (I'm Spartacus) 0:56
10. The New Faith (The Age of Grishnakh) 0:36
11. The Age of Reason (Robots are stealing my luggage) 6:24
12. H.M.M. 5:43
13. Still No Muse 4:56

Excessive Force

1. All i Want ¹ 6:09 Excessive Force
2. All i Want (Tears of the Fallen Enoch) ¹ 7:04
3. Heartsick ¹ 4:15
4. Heartsick (Schizophrenic) ¹ 5:54
5. Apocalypse Now ¹ 3:40
6. Stuck ¹ 4:39
7. Ghost ² 5:37
8. Welcome to Hell ² 6:13
9. Murder-suicide ² 3:46
10. 9-Track ³ 9:26

¹ Remastered
² Previously unreleased
³ Bonus track by KRLL

The Worst ov oblyvaeon: A Ten Year Retrospective

Disc 1
1. Think Fast 2:36 The Worst ov oblyvaeon: A Ten Year Retrospective - Disc 1
2. Asymptotic Freedom 6:14
3. Ground (Zero) 5:14
4. Pteri 5:07
5. SHuTDowN (Lothlorien) 2:06
6. #12 nosseL 5:28
7. Cerberus 4:47
8. The 9th Tear 4:43
9. K° Decay (One in a billion) 10:00
10. If You Believe 3:50
11. Deathcry 9:57

Disc 2
12. Separation Anxiety 2:18 The Worst ov oblyvaeon: A Ten Year Retrospective - Disc 2
13. Separation Anxiety (Love-hate mix) 3:37
14. Coils of the Dragon 2:46
15. Minions of Set 5:13
16. Grishnakh 1:56
17. Grishnakh (Prime Material Nightmare mix) 5:48
18. Evac d'Lab 7:11
19. Stuck (Ignorance is Bliss) 4:32
21. Bass Solo (Take 2) 3:50
22. MCMLXXXVI (Evolve) 5:21
23. CCC-MMMCD Hurts (Bandpass Me! mix, Easy-Type) 20:12


Firstborn (1997)Hell on Earth (1999)
1. Firstborn1. Hell on Earth
2. Firstborn [Demon seed mix]2. Hell on Earth [Digital Hate mix]
3. Firstborn [Just plain rowdy mix]3. Hell on Earth [Rubbish mix]
4. Firstborn [Motionless (Energy XOR Time) mix]
5. Firstborn [Spheres ov influence]

Mind Machine (1999)HAL-9000 (1999)
1. Mind Machine1. HAL-9000 [v1.0]
2. Mind Machine [Cranial electro-stimulation mix]2. HAL-9000 [v2.0]
3. Mind Machine [Ganzfield effect mix]3. HAL-9000 [v3.0]
4. HAL-9000 [v4.0]

Grishnakh (2000)Minions of Set (2000)
1. Grishnakh 1:561. Minions of Set
2. Grishnakh [Prime Material Nightmare mix]2. Minions of Set [Grab yer bong mix]
3. Grishnakh [Urthday mix]3. Minions of set [Alien hydro blend]
4. Grishnakh [Urthday mix mkii]
5. Grishnakh [Seppuku mix]
6. Grishnakh [Rash Reflection]


Pigface: 17 Ways To Suck

4. oblyvaeon: Suck (Cow Pie Surprise Mix) 4:31 17 Ways To Suck

This release features an oblyvaeon remix of "Suck" (the Pigface song featuring Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on vocals) and is available at Invisible Records.

Because of my contract (no royalties, no rights, heh), I cannot personally sell, give away, or make the track available for download. I have, however, heard rumors that there is a way to hear the song. It might be used during a random sound check, heh heh, so if you really want to hear it, the rumor is that you can come out to a show and request it. Shouting "Hey, you suck!" or something similarly witty while oblyvaeon is setting up the stage supposedly works. Or so I've heard...

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