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Also note: All items, with the exception of T-shirts, are available at a greatly reduced price for everyone attending shows and events. Why are they more expensive online? Because we must purchase all materials and packaging at retail prices. We are also forced to pay full price at the Post Office. Please direct any complaints to the Statist American Regime and all of it's Opportunistic Capitalist Nazi Supporters, care of the White House, Washington D.C., USA.

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If you are planning on ordering more than one album, be sure to check out the package deals at the bottom of this page.

Ashamed to be Human Every Man For Himself
Ashamed to be Human Every Man For Himself
( oblycd11 )


( oblycd12 )

Excessive Force
The Worst ov oblyvaeon:
A Ten Year Retrospective
Excessive Force The Worst ov oblyvaeon: A Ten Year Retrospective
( oblycd13 )
( oblycd14 )


If you are planning on ordering more than one album, be sure to check out the package deals at the bottom of this page.

Orange Hostage Musick to Trip Over In the Dark
Orange Hostage Musick to Trip Over In the Dark
( obkrcd01 )
( obkrcd02 )

2 ov 1 +1
2 ov 1 Plus One
( obkrcd03 )
( obkrcd04 )

( obkrcd05 )


All Buttons are round and one inch in diameter.
The grey borders in the pictures are only for visibility on our lovely black background, and not on the actual Buttons.

oblyvaeon button 1 oblyvaeon button 2
( oblybu01 )
( oblybu02 )

oblyvaeon button 3 KRLL button 1
( oblybu03 )
( oblybu04 )


Sizes currently available are listed in the drop down lists below the prices for each shirt.
Be sure to pick the size you want before clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Disgusted with the way people behave these days?

Appalled by society's growing ignorance and just out-right stupidity?

Are you afraid that you will be counted among them when a powerful race of alien super-beings decide that we should be destroyed to make way for the next inhabitants of earth because a population sample containing these morons determined transportation devices to be the dominant species on the planet, while mankind is just a nasty virus in need of disinfection?!

Tell them how disappointed you are with the human race, and that you are ashamed to be classified as one of them:

oblyvaeon shirt 1 front oblyvaeon shirt 1 back
Front Back
(Click on the pictures to see a close-up)

The text on the back reads:

Our world is in great peril.

Humans continually destroy each other
as well as their own environment. Immorality,
injustice, and violence have become acceptable
modes of behavior. Marching obliviously toward
annihilation, their malicious acts leave everything
around them in ruin, as they themselves are
consumed by the evil within their own hearts.

I, for one, am sickened by this perversion.
And were it so, after observing this
terrible transformation, that I still considered
myself to be human, it would be in shame.

o    b    l    y    v    a    e    o    n

( oblysh01 )
Select a size:

They are out there. They are among us.

Don't let them fade into oblivion, where they can safely manipulate and control your destiny, like the masses continue to do every day. Call them out and tell them that the gig is up! Seek the truth and expose their lies by spreading the news! Let them know that you know what they thought you didn't know they are doing:

oblyvaeon shirt 2 front
(Click on the picture to see a close-up)

This is a glow-in-the-dark shirt with a hidden agenda. The glowing parts are partially visible in daylight if you are looking very closely, though virtually invisible when viewed from a distance. Very nice effect, especially at night!

( oblysh02 )
Select a size:


The grey borders in the pictures are only for visibility on our lovely black background, and not on the actual Stickers.

Size: 4.25" x 1.38" Size: 2.75" x 2.75"
oblyvaeon sticker 1 oblyvaeon sticker 2
( oblyst01 )
( oblyst02 )

Package Deals

You can mix and match, so order as many of these packages as you want.

Package 1
Buy any two single-disc albums and get a Sticker of your choice for FREE.

( oblypak1 )
Select album 1:
Select album 2:

Tell us which sticker you want in the "Optional Instructions/Comments" field of your order form by using the catalog number listed in parenthesis ( ) above the sticker's price.

Package 2
One single-disc album, one shirt, plus ALL the Buttons and Stickers (one of each design)

( oblypak2 )
Select shirt:
Select album:

Ordering, Shipping, & Handling information

Online payment:
Online payments are accepted through PayPal, a free and secure service that allows you to use several methods of payment including Credit Card, Bank Transfer and eCheck. All transactions are handled on secure servers and your credit card or other payment information is never retained by oblyvaeon.com for any purpose. To use this method, simply add items to your shopping cart using the buttons provided below each item. If you accidentally close your cart, you can view the items you have added by clicking the "View Cart" button at the bottom of this page.

Offline payment:
If you want to pay for an order by personal or cashier's check, click here. Please be aware that this is not an automated process, and we are not always able to check our e-mail everyday, so the preferred method of payment is PayPal. Ergo, using this method may delay your order by a few days.

International Shipping:
The shipping costs listed below only cover most of North America. Prices listed are in U.S. Dollars. In the meantime, if you wish to receive an intercontinental shipment, use the Snail Mail Order Form to send us your information, making sure to let us know in the "Additional Instructions" field that you are requesting a shipping quote, and whether you want to pay online or offline. We will send you an e-mail detailing how much it will cost to ship to your location. Import/Export taxes, if any, will be your responsibility. If you decide to accept the charges and desire to pay online, a secure transaction form will be sent via e-mail. If you desire to send payment using postal mail, you will be notified where to send your payment.

Please allow 1-8 weeks for delivery, depending on where on Earth you are located. Orders placed in North America usually arrive in less than a week.

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