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I am naught but a forgotten memory
of an enigma trapped inside a puzzle
of pieces strewn in a precisely random pattern
about an endless zero-dimensional maze
surrounded by infinite emptiness
upon the edge of which you now sit.

Welcome to oblyvaeon.

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Note: Upcoming concert dates are not posted here, but on the Shows page. This section of the website is mainly for album release dates and general information.

June 1, 2008
"Pigface: 17 Ways To Suck" has been finally been released (a year late, heh) on Invisible Records and features oblyvaeon's "Cow Pie Surprise Mix" of "Suck" (the Pigface song featuring Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on vocals).

May 26, 2007
The last remaining copy of Ashamed to be Human was sold at the show last night, and the album is now out of print. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who supported oblyvaeon over the years by purchasing the album; you now own a collector's item.

April 29, 2007
Someone, or some thing, seems to have started a Myspace (gasp!) fan-site. Holding tight my cross and wearing my garlic wreath, I ventured upon its unholy soil to find the culprit responsible. As I drew my sword to slay the foul beast, he faced me honorably and without shame, so I spared his life. We had a good laugh about his near-death experience and I gave him the official approval. Since I have returned unscathed, it's probably safe for you to visit. Check it out here: http://www.myspace.com/oblyvaeon.

January 2, 2007
Hope died another quick death yesterday at the hands of the "american nightmare". As usual, the lazy americans have used the first day of the year as some kind of excuse to go out and kill more innocents with their ignorance (and bad driving) after getting drunk on the previous day, and then shirk their responsibilities on the next, so the pre-orders of yesteryear shipped today, heh heh. What? That sounds like a thinly veiled political manifesto? Speak up, I'm a bit deaf in that ear.

December 31, 2006
New oblyvaeon release is available: "The Worst ov oblyvaeon: A Ten Year Retrospective". This double-disc album contains salvaged, reworked, remastered and long-awaited re-releases of some tracks that were lost in The Great and Unfortunate Destruction of 2001 along with several unreleased tracks that were composed during the last ten years. This album features pieces from both before and after the five year "Best of" album "Ashamed to be Human". Pre-orders will ship tomorrow: January 1, 2007.

December 21, 2006
You may have heard about the Invisible Records "Suck" remix contest (the Pigface song with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on vocals), started earlier this year. Well surprise, surprise, it seems that oblyvaeon won with the aptly titled "Cow Pie Surprise Mix". We're not sure on the exact date of release at this time, but according to Martin Atkins: "Early next year [2007] we are going to be releasing a Suck remix collection."

December 15, 2006
It's that time again. No, not Doomsday. We are now taking Pre-orders for the upcoming "Best of" double-disc oblyvaeon album "The Worst ov oblyvaeon: A Ten Year Retrospective". Check out a preview on the Music page. The scheduled release date is Sunday, December 31, 2006. That's right, Sunday. Hallelujah!

October 7, 2006
Two new KRLL releases are available: "+1" (live album) and "Metaparapseudoquasi" (studio album).

March 31, 2006
New KRLL track "The Texas Tea Party" released on Roil Noise compilation "Fossil Species".

December 28, 2005
Received the final items for the Shop! When they are ready to ship, the news will be posted in the "NEWS.website" section below. Look for an update in a few days.

November 15, 2005
It has come to our attention that a "Guild Wars" guild is using the oblyvaeon name. We are not affiliated with this group, and attempts to contact the leader have been fruitless. Oh well. Strange that they would use the same exact misspelling of oblivion, eh? Perhaps they are a fanatical oblyvaeon-worshiping sect of joystick-wielding cultists... Sweet.


October 8, 2009
Consolidated music/projects pages into one Music portal page (instead of splitting up oblyvaeon and side-projects).

February 29, 2008
Small facelift, still 100% HTML and mobile friendly. Added a couple new sections. Etcetera allows access to some (previously private) oblyvaeon wallpapers along with some older and more recent non-music related stuff we've done over the years, and a Donate page, since we're not even breaking even on the website, shows, or events anymore. This is indeed a sad, sad leap-day.

September 14, 2006
Guestbook removed due to spammers. We are now trading items from the Shop for spammers' heads. Get to work :)

December 29, 2005
Due to oblyvaeon's amazing coding skills, the Shop didn't take as long as expected to make ready and has passed W3C Validation. Anyway, it is now updated with all of our new stock, so go nuts: YOU BUY NOW!

November 1, 2005
Links page updated with banners for oblyvaeon.com at the bottom of the page.

October 30, 2005
Guestbook link moved to the menu at the top of each page.

October 25, 2005
New site host established. All systems nominal.

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