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oblyvaeon Myspace fan-site
Fan-based and fan-supported.

Ambient Relaxation Music: Mp3 downloads for therapy relaxation, meditation and home listening.

Electronic pioneers.

R.I.P. Jhonn Balance. The site lives on.

Invisible Records
Defragmentation, Pigface, Rx, Sheep on Drugs, etcetera.

Every self (dis)respecting rivethead should know this site by heart.
Unfortunately, the is site now seems to be defunct but the link remains for historical purposes.

Ogre and Friends.

Metropolis Records
Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Decoded Feedback, In Strict Confidence, Negative Format, Velvet Acid Christ, and on and on...

Bill Leeb and Friends.

The Universal Media Netweb.

Nine Inch Nails
Mike's home page.

The Orb
A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of The Ultraworld.

The Hartnoll Brothers.

Roil Noise Offensive
Anti-pop commandos.

The Synthetic Dream Foundation
Dark ambient electronic soundscapes.

The Umbrella Noize Collective
A virtual cacophony.


If you wish to include a link to oblyvaeon.com on your website, below are some banners you can use.
Also, if you are planning to link to us, please use the Contact page to send us a message about your website.
No prior clearance is normally required, though your site must conform to the following policy:

ABSOLUTELY NO SITES of the following type(s),
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Porn (including Pr0n, or any other moronic misspelling of the word)
Spam promoting sites (you know who you are; oh, and one more thing: DIE!!!)
Racism (unless it is against the ENTIRE human race :)
Government (mainly for Totalitarian and Statist types (read "USA"), and excepting, of course, Anarchy :)
Hacking sites that distribute malicious code to untrustworthy (read "your average human") recipients.


(Note: linking to us does not require the use of a banner, you may use plain text links if you so desire)

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For those of you that have not spent enough skill points in Advanced Web Browsing or HTML Coding, here are some basic tips on how to include a link to us on your page:


1. Download one of the banners:

Right-click on the banner you want above (option-click on Mac) and pick "Save Picture As" or "Save As" and choose a location somewhere on your computer to save the file (.gif or .jpg).

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Then add the following line of code to any HTML page on your site where you want the link to appear (replacing the text OBLYVAEON_BANNER with the location of the image file you just uploaded):

<a href="http://www.oblyvaeon.com"><img src="OBLYVAEON_BANNER"></a>



If you downloaded oblyvaeon_banner2.jpg from oblyvaeon.com and uploaded it to your website at www.my.com/images/oblyvaeon_banner2.jpg

the code would read:

<a href="http://www.oblyvaeon.com"><img src="www.my.com/images/oblyvaeon_banner2.jpg"></a>

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