He said, I will be all right if you kiss me... and I will be all right if you hold me.
She held a knife, bloodied, to the throat of Love. And murdered me.
Just throw my fucking bones over the white cliffs of Dover...


Will she hold my soul
Will she tear my heart
Will she, Will she, Will she rip me apart
To drown a rose
To share a dream
The sickness of death
In your eyes, In your schemes...

Sit and talk like Jesus
Try walking like Jesus
Try braving the rain
Try lifting the stone
Try extending a hand
Try walking your talk or get the fuck out of my way...

Sun Ra was here in his element
He invited me back for a ride
I smiled, agreed, and we left for the place
That is full of the reasons for time and for space

When I find you, I will remind you
Most accidents occur at home.

Suicide Clause


Colour Sound Oblyvaeon