She held a knife, bloodied, to the throat of Love... and murdered me.
May she suffer the same fate by her own hand.

Will all your pain and hate on the life of the one who betrays.
Let her wander endlessly, lost in the black sea of trees.
Take from her all that she loves, a shadow cast by the burning cauldron of the sun.

Philosopher's Stone

The Veil is Burning
Death is Just the Beginning
To Hell with Humanity... the more I see, the less I believe.

A personal message to whom it may concern,

For those who do not know, my life has pretty much fallen apart and lies in ruins.
I was betrayed by the one person that I foolishly trusted the most in this world.
It is my deepest regret to say that I do not know if, or when, I will ever be back.
I would not bet on my return. But then again, I never was much of a gambler.
Who could foresee that I would end up betting my life against love...

I extend a heart-felt Thank You to all the loyal friends and fans throughout the years.
May you never fall victim to the same mistakes that I made in life.

Colour Sound Oblyvaeon