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Though you may not be aware of it, oblyvaeon is a starving independent artist who needs your help to continue bringing artistic vision to the world.

Refusing to compromise on integrity or purity of vision requires certain... sacrifices. oblyvaeon lives on an area of Earth that is particularly devoid of intellectual and cultural enlightenment, which means that local support is almost nonexistent. oblyvaeon's mission is to bring change to this empty, oblivious void; transforming it into a breathing, thinking, and dreaming cauldron of renewed life and free expression.

So, if you would like to personally help support and encourage such endeavors, making a much needed contribution to the arts, please use the "Donate" button below. Your donation can be of any amount you choose and will be greatly appreciated. This unselfish act not only benefits a cause for the greater good and the inspiration of independent thinkers everywhere, but also increases your own personal pool of Slack.

"Everyone needs more Slack. In fact, you can never have too much, or even enough!"
So sayeth Bob, the Slackmaster:


You can leave us a note in the Comments section when making a donation if you are giving for a specific purpose, if you just wish to be recognized, or for any other reason you wish. Your comments also help us to know in which areas our efforts are appreciated the most.


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