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CP/M-86 1.0

Random Ringtones v1.2 (for MortScript v4.0)
This script (MortScript) will allow you to choose a directory from which your cell / smart / Pocket PC phone will randomly pick a different ringtone for every call. Developed and tested on HTC Hermes running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, so it may or may not work for you if you are using a different configuration. You will need at least MortScript v4.0 installed on your phone to use the script, and if you're using some sort of iCrap device, it won't work at all. HAH ha! If you do somehow manage to get it working on an iSuck device, please get your camera ready, wait a few minutes, then take and send me photos of the smoldering pile of ash after it crashes, bursts into flames, and/or melts. Thanks :)

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