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Silicon Messiah

oblyvaeon has been analyzed, classified, and categorically filed into multiple genres, including Electro-Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Industrial, IDM, Trance, Techno, Tribal, Experimental Techno, Rave, Experimental Noise, Ambient, Electronica, Trip Hop, Drum n' Bass, Chip, even Jungle and House :)

Based on this information, one may now find one's self contemplating, "Just what kind of music will I encounter here, then? What the hell IS this oblyvaeon?", and most importantly, "Why is my grammar suddenly so bad?!" Every one of the above listed observations are subjective and, as such, valid. This abstract relativity is the nature of all art. Applying this concept specifically to oblyvaeon as a singular phenomenon, one could conclude that the music is a catharsis of the very soul of art. Those same varied observations have also revealed to us that the noumenal aspect of the material featured here is, indeed, so objectively diverse that one cannot hope to ubiquitously label it. Thus, paradoxically, while oblyvaeon simply cannot exist as a singular entity, it appears to do just that. One could argue that oblyvaeon must then be a collective of finite parts from many phenomena, amalgamated in such a way that it actually becomes the precursors from which it was formed; a monistic forge for the very emotions and thoughts that forged IT; the Yin AND the Yang; the cause AND the effect; the light AND the dark; and in a word: Art.

"But, what does it all mean?!"
Question authority, think for yourself, and make your own determination about exactly what oblyvaeon is.

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