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Ballmer Peak

Floppy Accident

The following downloads are available for your computing pleasure. Please note that this software is in a beta stage, and may contain bugs or produce localized anomalies. Use and enjoy at your own risk, or return to the main Programs page.

Realm Eccentric Lubricating Mechanism (RELM) v.B1 (for Windows)
Utility software which some friends recruited me to write for a little-known MMORPG called "The Realm Online". It will allow you to use hotkeys to accomplish certain tasks while playing the game (in combat: all 8 commands and Exit, out of combat: Treasure Window (open / Take All / Done), Spells, /weight, /stamina, /state, /room). There is also a menu available to connect you to potentially useful websites pertaining to the game and a dice-rolling feature (what you use this for is left up to your imagination). It will NOT allow you to change, circumvent, or automate purposefully delayed game-play features (i.e. macro), but is simply a convenience utility that has been requested by many players. To the best of our knowledge, this software does NOT violate the "Non-Automation Clause" of the Norseman Games "Customer Code of Conduct". If the software is in violation of said terms, Norseman Games should make use of our Contact page to tell us to "cease and desist".

If, for some reason, you cannot install RELM by running the archive executable directly, you can unpack all files to an empty/new directory of your choice using any RAR archive capable software and create your own shortcuts.

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